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this community was made to share the printable stationery we have been making in our spare time. you are all free to print and use it as you would like! =) the only rule that we have is that you comment on the ones you are taking, so we know what what everyone likes!.

____________________Stationery Makers:
since Printables has been getting lots of new makers lately, there has been a list made HERE. also, if you are interested in being a Printables maker, please go HERE.

i have made a request post HERE, this where you can request things and we will get to them as we can, and see what we can do! =)

____________________STATIONERY AVALIABLE:
also, you can click HERE to go to the memories to see a list of all the printable stationery there is avaliable!

if you like this community and would like to advertise it in your user info, here are a few buttons you can use. please make sure to upload them to your own server. =D

if you have a community and would like to be affiliates, Printables is always looking for new affiliates!! =) if you are interested, please CLICK HERE.

if you would like to see where the printables' makers have found images for the creation of printables for you! =) CLICK HERE.

last but not least, don't forget to add this community to your friends list so you will see all the updates!

enjoy! =D